Traveling and Dating

July 17, 2018 Travel Stories|Backpacking 0
traveling and dating

I have a few friends who travel whenever they feel abandoned and broken-hearted. I, myself travel whenever I needed to refresh my mind from all the negativity and dilemma I am having for the past years. Is Traveling helps to heal a broken heart? I have seen a lot of memes and posts on Facebook… Read more

Aling Lucy’s Panciteria and Lucitas Buffet and Grill

March 22, 2018 Food Adventures|Review 0

Filipinos love to eat, because of the mixed influence of Chinese, Malay, and Spanish in our food, the diversity of Filipino cuisine is loved by many food enthusiasts all over the world. Silogs, in particular, is becoming popular for western countries, Adobo and Sinigang are few of the favorite dishes by many foreigners. For the past… Read more

Things to do in Melbourne

December 19, 2017 Travel Stories|Backpacking 0

THINGS TO SEE IN MELBOURNE Chances are that when you’ve chosen to visit Australia, you’ve decided to fly into the beautiful city of Sydney. However, why not catch a further domestic flight to Melbourne to Australia’s cultural mecca. You’ll be spoilt for choice with what to do once you’re there! Although slightly cooler than Sydney,… Read more

299 Pesos Korean-Japanese Buffet in BF Las Pinas

June 29, 2017 Food Adventures|Review 0

People living in the south metro has many options on finding good and affordable restaurants to satisfy whatever cravings they have. From Filipino cuisine to Asian cuisine like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even Western cuisines we all have it here in the south. Paranaque and Las Pinas has a various cafe, bar, and restaurants that… Read more

Travel Guide: Baler Aurora

March 9, 2017 Travel Stories|Backpacking 8

It’s Summer now in the Philippines, we start our summer season in the month of March to May. And it’s also the time where students from Preparatory to College are off for their summer vacation. During these months – Manila temperature can go high up to 36 degrees Celcius and some parts of the Philippines… Read more

Top 11 Must Do in Zamboanga City

February 27, 2017 Travel Stories|Backpacking 12

Zamboanga City is the 6th most populated city in the Philippines and 3rd largest by land area. It is an urbanized city in Mindanao. Zamboanga is also known as the Latin City of Asia, why? Because it is the only place in Asia where people speaks Spanish – called Chavacano (broken Spanish). So, why broken Spanish?… Read more

7 Reasons Why I Hate Knowing Tel Aviv

November 24, 2016 Hotel Staycations|Transient House|Accomodations Travel Stories|Backpacking 5

Recently, I had an opportunity to travel the Holy Land – Jerusalem Israel to attend a press trip for TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange). After spending 4 days in Jerusalem I head straight to Tel Aviv and explore the city for 3 days before heading back home to the Philippines. It was a very different city from… Read more

Top 6 Must Do When in Cagayan de Oro

October 25, 2016 Food Adventures|Review Travel Stories|Backpacking 9

Recently I went to a city located up north of Mindanao Region (Philippines). Cagayan de Oro is situated in the northern part of Mindanao and it is one of the many urban cities here in the Philippines. I had the best 4 days of my stay here in CDO and this is now my 2nd… Read more

What To Do In Tibiao, Antique

October 9, 2016 Travel Stories|Backpacking 10

Tibiao is another municipality of Antique in Panay island, Philippines. When you hear about Antique, the first thing that comes to your mind is Kawa Bath, but Antique has so much to offer other than the famous Kawa Bath. Also, the municipality is famous for its eco-adventure to most adrenaline seekers and adventurers. Going to… Read more

My Kids Fave: Jollibee Cheese Fries

September 16, 2016 Press Release 0

Jollibee is the most popular food chain here in the Philippines. It’s been my favorite place to dine back when I was a child and now that I have a child of my own, she also love Jobee!!! For many years, this food chain has branched out outside the Philippines. They have stores in the… Read more

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