Aling Lucy’s Panciteria and Lucitas Buffet and Grill

March 22, 2018 Food Adventures|Review 0

Filipinos love to eat, because of the mixed influence of Chinese, Malay, and Spanish in our food, the diversity of Filipino cuisine is loved by many food enthusiasts all over the world. Silogs, in particular, is becoming popular for western countries, Adobo and Sinigang are few of the favorite dishes by many foreigners. For the past… Read more

299 Pesos Korean-Japanese Buffet in BF Las Pinas

June 29, 2017 Food Adventures|Review 0

People living in the south metro has many options on finding good and affordable restaurants to satisfy whatever cravings they have. From Filipino cuisine to Asian cuisine like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even Western cuisines we all have it here in the south. Paranaque and Las Pinas has a various cafe, bar, and restaurants that… Read more

Top 6 Must Do When in Cagayan de Oro

October 25, 2016 Food Adventures|Review Travel Stories|Backpacking 9

Recently I went to a city located up north of Mindanao Region (Philippines). Cagayan de Oro is situated in the northern part of Mindanao and it is one of the many urban cities here in the Philippines. I had the best 4 days of my stay here in CDO and this is now my 2nd… Read more

First Time in Pampanga and I’m Loving it

September 4, 2016 Food Adventures|Review Travel Stories|Backpacking 4

Another tick off in my 81 lists of provinces in the Philippines is Pampanga. Last Saturday we had a 1 whole day tour in different Barangays and Town in Pampanga. Every town has a church for Catholics and the province is very rich in culture, history and they offer the best culinary experience for all foodies. They… Read more

SIGLO: A Modern Filipino Restaurant

August 29, 2016 Food Adventures|Review 0

Filipino Food is very diverse in taste, with an influence of Chinese and Spanish cooking. SIGLO is one of the many restaurants in Tagaytay that offers good and quality Filipino dishes. The main restaurant of View Park Hotel Tagaytay and every Saturday they have an acoustic band to serenade you while you enjoy your dinner from 7pm… Read more

A Swiss Love: Swiss Deli BF Aguirre

July 5, 2016 Food Adventures|Review 10

BF Aguirre, Paranaque is a kilometers stretch of a restaurant from local Filipino to Asian Restaurant – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. You can also find German, Swiss and American restaurant here. Vast of food choices for all foodies. Residents from Paranaque, Las Pinas, and Alabang are the frequents here in Aguirre. You will never run… Read more

Fine Dining at the Scape Skydeck

July 1, 2016 Food Adventures|Review 0

Last June 14th, I was able to visit Cebu for the second time and I only have a limited time of 1 day and a half to have a quick vacay and at the same time try out some new restaurant in the area. Cebuanos are very picky in terms of food. They want it cheap/affordable… Read more

Rancho Grill Las Pinas

June 29, 2016 Food Adventures|Review 16

Rancho Grill has 2 branches now in Las Pinas, one in BF Resort and the other one is in front of Southville International School along CAA Las Pinas. I was looking for a place to eat along CAA coz my favorite cafe Kapeng Mainit is closed when I passed by. My vision of a grill… Read more

Best Mexican Joint in Cebu: Meximama

June 29, 2016 Food Adventures|Review 13

It has always been part of my trip to every city or province I visit is  to try popular and unknown restaurants. Be able to try different variations of food choices from local to international cuisine. JL (a Cebu Blogger of has been my life saver as she was able to introduce me to the… Read more

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