7 Reasons Why I Hate Knowing Tel Aviv

November 24, 2016 Hotel Staycations|Transient House|Accomodations Travel Stories|Backpacking 5

Recently, I had an opportunity to travel the Holy Land – Jerusalem Israel to attend a press trip for TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange). After spending 4 days in Jerusalem I head straight to Tel Aviv and explore the city for 3 days before heading back home to the Philippines. It was a very different city from… Read more

Where to Relax and Stay in Davao

September 12, 2016 Hotel Staycations|Transient House|Accomodations 12

Recently, I got an opportunity to travel again and this time in my beloved country – the Philippines and one of my favorite city – Davao. The place where the Philippine President Mr. Rodrigo Duterte lives and became a mayor for more than a decade.  For me, it is still one of the safest city… Read more

Boracay Party Hostel: Mad Monkey Hostel

August 24, 2016 Hotel Staycations|Transient House|Accomodations 1

    When you hear about Boracay, the first thing that came to your mind is party and booze. You may be right in some ways but Boracay has so much more to offer other than booze and crazy party nightly. This time, I am going back to Boracay with friends to enjoy the beauty of… Read more

Indonesia’s Must-Try Hotels

August 8, 2016 Hotel Staycations|Transient House|Accomodations 12

I’m very fortunate to be part of the South East Asian Bloggers to tour around Indonesia’s best tourist spot last July 22nd until August 3rd. We had 9 flights, countless bus rides and even crossed the ocean just to see beautiful places around Indonesia. And part of our journey is to stay in a very relaxing… Read more

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