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Dating while traveling

I remember my friends telling me how they met with their current partner and fiance. One friend of mine is now happily engaged to her fiance that she met while she was traveling in the Middle East. Guess what? they became friends and met because they are both using a free dating app.  Who would have guessed that this powerful dating app you will find the love of your life? I know, many Filipinos will frown about this idea but come on people, it’s 2018 and majority of the single and young professionals all have their own mobile phones and I’m pretty sure they are all signed up to all social media sites available on the internet and on their phones. Especially now that these dating apps and sites are being advertised on Facebook and even on facebook messenger. Many will be curious about these dating apps and would want to try for themselves. Some will just lurk and some are really hooked up on meeting new friends and looking for a relationship.

To be honest, this is not an easy topic for us Filipinos. Filipinos are born and grew up in a traditional kind of upbringing. And many families are still very conservative about the modern-style of relationship that many has been doing.

To name a few:

  • We are not allowed to have pre-marital sex.
  • Living with your partner is not openly talked about
  • Do not have kids when you are not married


  • As time goes by, many Filipino families are being open-minded about the fact that the above list is not being followed anymore.
  • Today, many young Filipino couples are living together
  • Many Filipino couples have kids before getting married

Let me share you another story, I also have two other close friends who have the same successful and happy relationship as of the moment and from which they met their current partner from a dating app. One is a Filipina and her boyfriend is Peruvian living in the United States. They have been chatting for a few months and after which, the Peruvian guy came to the Philippines to visit her.

Another success story is from my Friend #3 is both Filipino living here in the Philippines and they also met from a dating app. They have been chatting continuously and religiously for several months when they finally decide to meet in person. Now, they have a good relationship for over 2 years.

Knowing all these stories from my friends make me believe that LOVE still exists and I could still find my ONE someday. I came across this Match Me Happy website and I’m pretty curious about it. I have not yet created an account from it and still contemplating if I will make one or not though, lol. I will definitely update you guys when I have and possibly I will make a new blog about it. Only if I decided to look around and try my luck. 🙂

I would still say that I’m this typical Filipina who wants to meet a guy from a common friend or perhaps a colleague. Though I am not closing doors in trying my luck with these dating apps or dating sites we’ll see.  Of course, I still want to remember that happy feeling being on a romantic date but this gives me anxiety that I will start from ZERO again knowing a guy, knowing his likes and dislikes, knowing his background, and over thinking if a guy will totally accept me and love me for who I am now. I’m no longer a single lady with no responsibilities and only thinking of myself. I now have a 7-year old kid that I always have to think of. You now understand where I’m coming from. I do not know if I can handle the moment if I needed to ask my kid if mommy is ok to date another man other than his biological dad. I don’t have the guts to ask and be in a new relationship yet. The thought of having a failed relationship is killing me. But who knows, this year or next year I might open my heart again to finding LOVE.

How about you, do you know anyone who has a success on finding true love while traveling and using a dating app or dating site? Let me know in the comment section and I would love to read about these happy stories.

Happy traveling and may we all find love while doing what we love the most.

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