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Rancho Grill has 2 branches now in Las Pinas, one in BF Resort and the other one is in front of Southville International School along CAA Las Pinas. I was looking for a place to eat along CAA coz my favorite cafe Kapeng Mainit is closed when I passed by.

inside rancho grill

My vision of a grill and restaurant is rustic very manly interiors. Though their tables and chairs are made of wood (which is very manly and rustic) but combining with fake flower vases is totally unnecessary. I’m confused if this is a cafe or a steakhouse. Moving on with the food that I ordered is an all time Filipino breakfast meal.

rustic rancho grill

Last time I dine at Rancho Grill BF was like 3 years ago and I didn’t like all 3 dish that we ordered that night. So, I tried their Filipino meal – Danggit with fried rice and egg for less than Php 200.00 / USD 4.00. 

danggit with rice

rancho grill danggit

Danggit is not salty at all (just enough) however, the fried rice is not garlic fried rice at all when it’s supposed to be is and yet all I can taste with my rice is BUTTER which is so unpleasant to the saltiness of Danggit.

I asked one of their staff about the garlic fried rice and she said they really cooked it with butter. My 2nd time to dine in Rancho Grill has been a disappointment again. Apologies for being blatantly honest but I wish on my 3rd time to try here (if there will be) will be a total changer of my 2 past unpleasant dining experience.

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