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traveling and dating

I have a few friends who travel whenever they feel abandoned and broken-hearted. I, myself travel whenever I needed to refresh my mind from all the negativity and dilemma I am having for the past years. Is Traveling helps to heal a broken heart? I have seen a lot of memes and posts on Facebook and Twitter finding an escape from a broken heart is traveling away from home. Can we safely say that this is the best remedy for a broken heart? And do you ever open your dating apps or online dating site whenever you are traveling abroad or elsewhere to meet new friends or perhaps find a date?

I remember my friend who is so fond of using these dating site whenever she travels abroad. Not just to meet some random guy and have a date but to meet new potential friends and travel buddy. Smart! She travels solo and that’s her way of meeting new friends whether a guy or a girl it doesn’t matter as long as she will have a new travel buddy. 

When you met someone while traveling and you ended up dating and traveling together that will be so much fun right? Imagine, you now have a constant date and an instant travel buddy. But while in the dating stage we always get stressed if that person will truly like us as a romantic partner or just a friend. My best advice is to just enjoy the company and don’t stress too much on finding love. Just enjoy your life and meet more people to inspire you and be a better version of you.

Now, that we’re talking about dating I’ve asked few of my guy and girlfriends about their thoughts on dating. It’s not quite surprising that they both have different thoughts and idea about dating. I was even surprised that men are more romantic when in terms of dating.

Men’s idea and thoughts on dating:

  • For them, dating is getting to know the girl their dating. What are her likes and dislikes? Her favorite food, favorite movies to watch, what are the sports she likes to watch or play.
  • When a guy has been dating you for some time, chances are the guy is thinking to level up their friendship into a romantic relationship. Besides, the guy is investing time for you and money of course to spend a night and treat the girl on a romantic date in a fancy restaurant.
  • When a guy has been your constant date and almost your everyday alarm clock to send good morning text messages, the guy is already hoping to meet your close friends, relatives, and family.

If I have been dating this girl for months and I feel like I want to have romantic relationship with her and to know her more, I would love to meet her close friends and be par of her life as well as her trusted circle of friends as well not just a potential lover/boyfriend.

  • When a girl doesn’t text me after our date for 3 days, I know that she is not interested in me at all.
  • Men are romantic. They love that romantic date at the beach, walking along the beach while enjoying the breeze of the sea and the beauty of his date.
  • Men do not expect the ladies to pay the bills. It’s an insult for them.

Women’s idea and thoughts about dating:

  • Women are like FBI agents, they want to know everything about the guy they are dating.
  • Women want a guy to only date 1 girt at a time.
  • Women want to know the sincerity of the guy, if he is playing with her or just a sexy time or really sincere about her and like her.
  • Women want to know the guy’s true personality and often times, the courtship/dating takes months before the girl will finally realize that the guy really liked/love her.
  • Some women date just to enjoy the company.
  • Some women want to pay the bills (if they have been dating for quite some time now). Some women are just born independent has a strong personality that they want equal treatment with men.
  • Women love surprises
  • Women love roses and chocolates
  • Women expect the guy to always be in his best behavior

So these are the things I’ve listed from my friends’ point of views about dating. I have also asked a few close friends about their ideas about a romantic date.

Romantic Dating Ideas:

  • Date in a fancy restaurant

For women, this is what they ALWAYS expect from the guy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a nice meal in a fancy restaurant with wine and steak right?

fancy restaurant

  • Date at the beach

I have asked 2 guy friends and I was surprised to now that their ultimate dream date is by the beach.

  • Date in a fancy Yacht

1 female friend her ultimate date is to have a fancy dinner date in a yacht

  • Glamping

This is the fancier version of camping. I personally would love to experience this in the future.

  • Music Festivals

This type of date is most fond of millennials or the younger age group. This is not so romantic but some girls would want to date a guy with a group of friends so attending a music festival with friends is also fun.

  • Museum/Art Gallery Tour

This type of date is for me romantic and in this way, I will be able to know if a guy is intellectual and patient enough with me to tour around the museum for hours.


Let me know your thoughts on the comment section on dating and your experience in using these dating apps and dating sites. 

Traveling and Dating

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