What To Do In Tibiao, Antique

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Tibiao is another municipality of Antique in Panay island, Philippines. When you hear about Antique, the first thing that comes to your mind is Kawa Bath, but Antique has so much to offer other than the famous Kawa Bath. Also, the municipality is famous for its eco-adventure to most adrenaline seekers and adventurers.

Going to Tibiao via commute:

From Manila Airport fly via Kalibo -about an hour plane ride.

From Kalibo airport ride a Ceres Bus to Tibiao – 3-hour travel. The fare is 180 PHP / 4.00 USD and last trip is 3:30 in the afternoon.

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1. Stay in Kawa Inn

We stayed for 2 nights at Kawa Inn in Barangay Malabor, Tibiao,  Antique. Has 3 a/c rooms, 3 family rooms, restaurant, fish spa, kawa bath, massage, and wifi.

For room details visit www.katahum.com

2. Relax at the Fish Spa

Not my favorite part of the tour but still I tried it and I don’t like it! Sorry but my colleagues loved it anyways. I just don’t like the feeling that something is kissing or biting my feet.


3. Kawa Bath

Your Antique trip is not complete without experiencing a 30-minute hot bath in this HUGE Kawa.



4. See the Rice Terraces

It’s best to have Kawa Bath while seeing this view in front of you.




5. White Water River Kayaking

For adrenaline rush and adventure seeker, this will entice you – Kayaking in Tibiao’s river with grade 3-4 course, white river rapids, and big stones. The place hosted “the first international kayaking cup”, initiated by the Tibal Adventures back in 1997.

6. Pottery

Good job on your design Mr. Surat! What was that in the first place? Kidding! Apparently, it’s an ashtray.





Tibiao is such a diverse place and so much to offer for locals and tourist. So head to Tibiao Antique if you wanna experience all these fun adventure like I did!


What To Do In Tibiao, Antique


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