Month: November 2018

Nov 29 2018
lechon sinigang

Zubuchon Makati

Zubuchon comes from the 2 word ZUBU, which comes from an island in Cebu named from the 16th century maps ZUBU and CHON, meaning stuffed or roasted pig. The restaurant currently has 15 branches, 6 in Metro Manila and 9 in Cebu. Cebu Lechon Now in Makati – ZUBUCHON They have constantly searched out neighborhood fixings […]

Nov 20 2018

Exotic Food in Pampanga

The culinary capital of the Philippines Pampanga is the and known for exotic Filipino cuisine. From fried frogs, to saute crickets, and worms you can have it here in Pampanga. History of Kapampangan Cuisine Kapampangan food is not simply cooked from the Spanish and Malay influence but they re-create and even enhance each dish. Kapampangan Cuisine […]

Nov 20 2018
charming vacation house

Charming Vacation House Tagaytay

Chilly climate, fresh air, city vibe is the thing that you can expect in Tagaytay City. Consistently, you will distinctive hotels, hostels and apartment suites ascending along the stretch of Tagaytay. Requests are higher and the price is winding up high in cost too. Charming Vacation House Tagaytay offers reasonable prices for family staycations. In any […]

Nov 14 2018
lee cebu cover

House of Lechon Cebu

Cebu’s Favorite: House of Lechon Tapsi, Sisig, Adobo, Sinigang, Bulalo, and Lechon are my all-time fave Filipino food. I know, it’s all pork and fats but it’s all good tasting and versatile that you can eat these at any time of the day. Breakfast, lunch, supper and even late bites, Filipinos love eating meats and […]

Nov 13 2018
lee in bgc

BGC Hostel Makati

At whatever point I travel abroad or even here in the Philipines and if my financial plan is sufficiently only for my particular stay/trip, my preferred decision of convenience beside the hotel is a hostel. I would preferably remain in a quirky and aesthetic hostel rather than spend all my money to a fancy hotel. […]

Nov 12 2018
ground up

Co-working Space: Ground Up Paranaque

Nowadays, an ever increasing number of managers/employers are permitting their representatives/employees to work remotely. In addition, an ever-increasing number of individuals are starting a new business for themselves and getting to be entrepreneurs. In this time of working remotely, numerous individuals have a decision between utilizing a home office or a collaborating space. For some, working […]

Nov 05 2018

Jakarta City Tour

Dyakarta (Dutch) / Jakarta (Japanese occupation) is the largest city and capital of Indonesia. Located at the northwest coast of Java, and the center of business and politics of Indonesia. Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi are the metropolitan area. A place where old and modern culture meets which I have experienced during our Jakarta […]

Nov 04 2018

Macau Travel Guide

2017-2018 Macau Travel Guide for a solo female traveler When we hear about Macau, the first thing that pops our mind is CASINO and GAMBLING. Yes, you’re right however there so many places to see and learn the countries history and so many food stalls to taste the best food in Macau, China. The country […]

Nov 04 2018
selah garden

Hotel Review: Selah Garden Hotel

A few weeks ago, I was able to stay in a resort-feel hotel conveniently located in the heart of Pasay City – The Selah Garden Hotel. Upon entering the hotel I could immediately feel the different vibe and feel in this resort-feel hotel situated in the heart of Pasay City. I cannot believe that the […]