Month: March 2019

Mar 28 2019

3000 Pesos North Luzon DIY Travel

If you have a limited budget of only 3,000 Pesos / 60 USD and only 3 days to travel where would you go?   Do you prefer going to the north or south of Metro Manila? It’s now summer in the Philippines and everybody wants to go to the beach. I live in the south of […]

Mar 23 2019
southside grill

Unli Crabs for 550 Pesos in Southside Grill

Established on September 21, 2018, Southside Grill is the new seafood restaurant in Las Pinas offering UNLI Crabs for only 499 Pesos is a business owned by 3 friends who want to have an establishment that will offer southies good serving of seafood while having an affordable beer and cocktails. Southside Grill offers affordable food […]

Mar 21 2019

Family’s Favorite: Classic Savory Chicken

It’s no surprise that every Filipino family loves to eat and this is one of their favorite family bonding time may it be a simple day out or celebrating a special day of their family member. Filipinos just love to eat and the simple the better. In the Philippines, there are so many restaurants that […]

Mar 19 2019

Top 5 Things To Do in Gold Coast Australia

Australia is one of the best places to travel with family and especially with young children. There are so many things you can do in Australia and especially in the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Australia is a FUN CITY If you hear about Gold Coast first thing that pops your mind is SURFING. You are […]

Mar 16 2019
coffee project

Top 3 Food Choices To Try in Coffee Project

A coffee shop has been the go-to place by the college student and most especially by Digital Nomads like me. It’s no surprise that Filipinos love their cup of coffee., teens have been drinking frappes and yuppies love their hot caffeine. Here in the Philippines, many coffee shops have sprawled in the corners of Metro […]

Mar 16 2019

Las Pinas is Not a Boring Place That You Thought so

Is Las Pinas a boring place to visit? Las Pinas is not just about getting stuck in the traffic every day of your life, lol. We shall not blame it to the shopping malls scattered around the main roads of Las Pinas. It’s proof that Las Pinas is a 1st class city with lots of […]