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Best Mexican Joint in Cebu: Meximama

It has always been part of my trip to every city or province I visit is to try popular and unknown restaurants. Be able to try different variations of food choices from local to international cuisine. JL (a Cebu Blogger of has been my life saver as she was able to introduce me to the owner of Meximama – Chef Dennis. He is passionate about cooking and reinventing great dishes from local Filipino food to Asian cuisine and even Mexican cuisine. He used to work in Maribago as an Executive Chef and after some time he eventually opened his own restaurant – Meximama.

meximama facade

meximama inside

inside meximama

Meximama comes from a 3 word – Mexi (Mexican), Ma (his mom) and Ma (his grandmother). Mexican cuisine uses a lot of chilies and this makes the cuisine distinct and unique. What I love about Meximama it that they use chilies imported from the USA and they make their nachos, tacos and all their dips and sauces are from scratch.

Here are my top 7 Meximama must-try dishes: 

7. Churros Con Chocolate – Php 95.00 / USD 2.00


6. Tres Leches Flan – Php 95 / USD 2.00

leche flan

5. Nachos with 3 kinds of cheese

nachos with 3 cheese

4. Costillas De Cerdo – Php 215.00 / USD 5.00

costillas de cerdo

3. Elotes – Php 95.00 / USD 2.00


2. Soft Taco Beef – Php 185.00 / USD 4.00

soft taco shells

1.Nachos En Salsa Roja – Php 125.00 / USD 3.00

nachos en salsa roja

All these Mexican goodness cuisines are delectable and how I wish Chef Dennis will open a branch here in Manila. I can’t wait to go back to Cebu just to dine here again.

with chef dennis


Best Mexican Joint in Cebu: Meximama

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13 thoughts on “Best Mexican Joint in Cebu: Meximama

  1. The food looks delicious! Leche flan is my favorite and I would definitely try it if I were in the area. The food menu seems even better than other Mexican restaurants I’ve seen. Not a lot of beans in the photos – yay! I also love the catchy title of their restaurant.

  2. I also like Mexican food and your pictures look so tempting. I hope we can find this resto the next time we visit Cebu. Or I hope they open a branch here in Manila.

  3. I love how he came up with the name, very family oriented. The food looks great and it’s good to know that it tastes just as good as well! I think the place is really awesome!

  4. It’s nice to see that the setup is also very laid back just like Mexican food. His menu sounds awesome and based on the pictures, they really are! I’m glad you enjoyed the food! The name is quite interesting as well, very charming.

  5. Wow looks amazing!!! Delicious and reasonably priced. I love Mexican food as well. Would definitely go and try out this Meximama when I go to Cebu! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your Meximama food photos make me think of one of my favorite restos in Boracay – Manana. Mexican Food is not appreciated by all, but it sure is one of the best dishes. It’s filling, colorful, and bursting with flavors. I am excited to try the Soft Beef Taco and the Elotes!

  7. The interiors look artsy and the food…they really look delectable! I like Mexican food. I guess I like to try various cuisines and find them to my liking. I’ll try to visit this when I go to Cebu one of these days. Is this in the Ayala Center?

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