Sep 10 2021

3 Ways to Entertain Yourself While on a Long Travel

In the event that you are not well prepared for the trip, long automobile drives might quickly become monotonous. Packing a selection of activities helps ensure that you have a good variety of entertainment to keep you occupied while traveling. Using your trip as an opportunity to refresh will not only provide you with entertainment […]

Sep 01 2021

5 Ways to Secure Your New Home

It’s been said that a person’s home is their castle, but what good are a castle without a moat, a drawbridge, and some trusty guards on the parapets? Make sure your home security is fit for a king by following these five simple steps: Change Your Locks One of the easiest and most important, yet […]

Aug 12 2021
miami house

Best Neighborhood in Miami for Families

It’s not just South Beach that has Miami’s nightlife; there’s so much more to the city. In this section, we reveal locations around Miami for families that we’ve discovered to be especially well-suited to families, based on areas with good schools, family-friendly activities, and other qualities that are essential to you. There are many compelling […]

Aug 09 2021
gold bar

Real Assets and Tips on How to Save Money

Whether you are working in a corporate job or a digital nomad you should always save and have the right avenue to invest with properties, assets, etc. At some point in our lives, we will all settle down and we all want to have a comfortable life and someday we will not have problems paying […]

May 03 2021
home owner

Travel Bloggers: Buying or Renting a House

You dream about going from life as an apartment to a home, but you don’t know if you are ready – either financially or not. How many sqm would you like and how would you keep it?? How much room do you need to live in? What are the household problems vs home rentals?? What […]

Apr 25 2021

5 Ways To Entertain Yourself While Traveling

The last thing you want to do is to think about is flying to your dream vacation destination, believe me. You might think staying entertained for six to 12 hours in an airplane is difficult, but there are many ways to do so. 5 Ways To Entertain Yourself While Traveling 1. Watch a movie What […]

Sep 03 2020

Home made Creamy Tuna Empanada

I have been craving for Tuna Pie lately and my go-to online seller is EMPANALO. My childhood friend’s online business which they sell it for 20 Pesos per piece. It’s creamy and I love it because it had veggies on it. However, they are from Las Pinas and I’m from Cavite. And whenever I order, […]

Jan 27 2020

Best attractions in Palawan for a one-week vacation

The lovely Philippines offers satisfying holiday options for all travelers. There are so many islands to choose from, and they are all beautiful! Be it a holiday with family or a friendly get together, or even a cozy and romantic holiday for lovers, The Philippines never disappoints.  There are amazing activities and natural beauty and […]

Jan 06 2020
filipino food

Review: The Plantation Valero

When I was still working in Makati about 13 years ago, I never get the chance to try mid-class restaurants while I was working. I do not have that work-life balance kind of thing when I was starting to work. All I know is work, eat lunch with whatever I cooked at home and brought […]

Jan 02 2020

Falafel is Now Opening in UPtown Mall in BGC

It was 2 years ago when  I first get try  Falafel when I was in Jerusalem, Israel. I bought it in a local market near the old City and every corner of Israel you will see vendors of this Israeli food. Thee inceptions of falafel is as yet a secret. there’s no careful proof where […]