7 Reasons Why I Hate Knowing Tel Aviv

Recently, I had an opportunity to travel the Holy Land – Jerusalem Israel to attend a press trip for TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange). After spending 4 days in Jerusalem I head straight to Tel Aviv and explore the city for 3 days before heading back home to the Philippines. It was a very different city from Jerusalem where most people are reserved and folks from Tel Aviv are lively and fun maybe because their city is very relaxed and they have a lot of bars to chill and even their restaurant is a fun place to have drinks with your buddies.

Here is my Top 7 Reason Why I Love Tel Aviv:

1. Posh Hostel living at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

For more info visit: http://abrahamhostel.com/tel-aviv/

Abraham Hostel has 3 branches around Israel – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and in Nazareth. My Economy Double Room costs 4,000 PHP / 81.00 USD. It has a spacious room with double bed, a table, and chair, a spacious bathroom with complete toiletries and cold a/c – which I rarely used because it was Winter in Israel now.



2. Dog-friendly city

When I was in Jerusalem, I see a lot of cats on streets and in Tel Aviv, I see huge dogs, I mean I even saw a massive St. Bernard in one of the parks in the city.


3. Tel Aviv is bike-friendly

Big thanks to Abraham Hostel who hosted our City Bike Tour which I really enjoyed though it was really tiring because it lasted for 4 hours, lol. I was able to appreciate more the city and its people.



4. Long Beach Shore

Tel Aviv has 13 Beach – Yes that’s a lot! That’s how long their beach shore and no entrance fee at all.

  • Metzitzim Beach
  • Religious Beach
  • Hilton Dog Beach – an animal-friendly beach where you can bring your pets to the beach and let them enjoy the sea as much as you do.
  • Gay Beach that has colorful umbrellas.
  • Hilton / Top Sea
  • Gordon
  • Frishman
  • Bograshov
  • Guela
  • Banana / Drum
  • Alma
  • Alma Dog
  • Jaffa –  many small restaurants are here and a perfect place to watch the sunset.


Most people there are either swimming in the clear water or surfing.


5. Fresh Fruit Juice/Shakes and 24/7 Convenient Stores

Fruit stands are everywhere here in Tel Aviv, a medium size fruit juice with 3 fruits on it costs 156 PHP / 12 Shekels / 3.1 USD.



This is a must for every city – a convenient store that is actually few steps away from Abraham Hostel.


6. Night Life in Tel Aviv

People in Tel Aviv loves music and party. And surprisingly local bands in Israel are pretty good. Though some of their songs we couldn’t understand because it’s Hebrew but we still enjoyed listening to them.



7. Shabbat Dinner

It was my first time to experience Shabbat Dinner. It reminded me of Lord’s Day during my Singles for Christ days at our church. People are gathered and before having dinner the host will bless the food thru prayer song and everyone will share 1 bread and each will have a glass of wine to toast and celebrate Shabbat or rest day for us non-Jewish.




But friends, living and going on a vacation in Israel is not CHEAP. Yup! I spend 15,000 PHP / 306.00 USD for my 7-day stay there. Though all my accommodations are sponsored in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and my first 4 days in Jerusalem are sponsored by the Tourism Ministry of Israel yet I still have to spend on some food/snacks/water/taxi/small gifts for family and friends and some shopping. But it’s all worth it!

Would I go back in Tel Aviv – HELL YEAH! Though I need to save 50,000 PHP / 1,020 USD for my airfare via Turkish Airlines because of their the only airline who has a direct flight from Manila – Istanbul-Tel Aviv Israel and another 15,000 PHP/ 306 USD for pocket money for at least 7-day stay. Accommodations are still not computed here because you have the option to stay in a hostel or hotel.

I fell in love Tel Aviv just like my friend Trisha of psimonmyway who helped me find my accommodation and tours in Tel Aviv. Love you, girl!

7 Reasons Why I Hate Knowing Tel Aviv