Aling Lucy’s Panciteria and Lucitas Buffet and Grill


Aling Lucy’s Panciteria and Lucitas Buffet and Grill

Filipinos love to eat, because of the mixed influence of Chinese, Malay, and Spanish in our food, the diversity of Filipino cuisine is loved by many food enthusiasts all over the world. Silogs, in particular, is becoming popular for western countries, Adobo and Sinigang are few of the favorite dishes by many foreigners.

For the past 5 years, the restaurant in the Philippines is changing, from the typical carinderia to becoming a buffet restaurant, to an eat-all-you-can buffet and grill restaurant. Buffet restaurant in Metro Manila is becoming cheaper so they can cater not only to working Filipinos but also made it affordable for college students as well.

A typical buffet restaurant with different choices of cuisine from Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Filipino, Asian, and other western cuisines will cost from 700 PHP to 2,500 PHP.





Good news, you don’t have to spend thousands of pesos just to enjoy a family dinner or perhaps a Sundate with your partner. Here at Lucitas Buffet and Grill you only have to pay 335 PHP to enjoy unlimited Filipino and Korean food, grilled meat (pork, chicken, and beef), ice cream, halo-halo, nachos, siomai, and other sweet desserts.

The restaurant also offers discounts for Senior Citizen, kids, and other promos as well.



Imagine for less than 400 pesos, I get to eat unli Nachos!!! Grilled meats and Halo-halo!



The restaurant can accommodate 70 pax and during weekend especially at dinner, flocks of customers came so I suggest come early at 5 pm so you can reserve seats and enjoy dinner with your family and friends.

If you do not like buffet restaurant, you have an option to dine at Aling Lucys Panciteria, which by the way it’s the same owner of Lucitas Buffet and Grill Restaurant. Aling Lucy’s is an upscale carinderia turned into a restaurant where you can choose from various Filipino viands like Mechado, Menudo, Pork BBQ and a lot more.

However, Aling Lucy’s is popular from their Pancit Malabon. Which my families favorite every time we have a small gathering in our house, we always order a Pancit Malabon at their Moonwalk Branch.


Food Strip Philam (in front of Jollibee Philam)

Moonwalk (besides Puregold Alabang Zapote Rd)


Their Pancit sa Bilao good for 5 pax is only 170 pesos. Choices are: Pancit Malabon, Bihon, Miki Bihon, Canton, Sotanghon and they also have Lomi.

It’s my first time to try Lomi and their version is surprisingly good.








Our fave is the Pancit Malabon, Lomi and Pichi-pichi.



So south peeps, if you are craving for Pancit or want to try a buffet and grill restaurant, head to Aling Lucy’s Panciteria and Lucitas Buffet and Grill. You will surely enjoy your dining here.

For order and reservation call 8082363 / 8082369 / 8082368 (Pamplona branch) and 4033862 (Moonwalk branch)


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