Finding Restaurant in Las Pinas – Anytime Veal Burger

Wings and Burger at Anytime Veal Burger – Las Pinas


About a year ago, while driving around Las Pinas during the traffic hours along CAA Road, found this new burger joint along the stretch of Casimiro. I was a bit hesitant at first thinking their prices are expensive but thank goodness, I parked the car and went in.


I have a couple of hours to stay and kill time while waiting for my daughter’s school dismissal and its the perfect time to try their wings and burgers. While browsing their menu at the counter, surprisingly their prices are really affordable and budget-friendly for college students and anyone who loves wings and burger and not spending too much.


Inside the restaurant



veal burger


buffalo wings

I ordered 4 pieces of Buffalo wings for 100 PHP / 2 USD.

Taste: 5/5

Totally not spicy at all, I’m sure teenagers can bear the spiciness on this.




Mozzarella Wrap for 205 PHP / 4 USD

Taste: 4/5

I like burgers but I can’t finish the whole burger especially when I ordered a separate chicken or nachos or whatever side dish. The only downside is their fries which I find the taste cheap. I wish they could have used a different supplier of their french fries or might as well buy a high-quality fries with spices and flavor on it.

I love the patty because I could taste that its homemade and they used 90% beef and less extender.


veal burger


They currently have 2 branches:

 CAA, Las Pinas

Molino Boulevard, Cavite

I get to dine at their Cavite branch when I visited our house last month however, I forgot to take snaps of what I ordered, Anyway, I ordered their Veal Platter and obviously, I didn’t finish it and ended up wrapping it for to-go. It has onion rings which I love, 4 pieces of wings flavored parmesan and buffalo, coated fries which I super love, and fish fillet which is very tasty and I bet my kid will like it.

WIll I go back here? Definitely! Will try the other burgers offered here soon.


Address: Veal Burger Las Pinas Branch 3021 Maclaw Bldg. E. Aldana street, CAA Rd, Pulang Lupa dos Las Pinas City

0955-4884311 Open M-S 10 am to 2 am


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