Best Neighborhood in Miami for Families

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It’s not just South Beach that has Miami’s nightlife; there’s so much more to the city. In this section, we reveal locations around Miami for families that we’ve discovered to be especially well-suited to families, based on areas with good schools, family-friendly activities, and other qualities that are essential to you.

There are many compelling reasons why people are wanting to purchase, rent, sell, or invest in property in Miami. A great diversity of various residential and commercial structures may be found in the seaside region, but there are also a broad variety of facilities.

No matter where you are in the globe, if you are interested in luxury, history, urbanism, chicness, and serenity, Miami will likely be of interest to you.

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The most costly and elite areas in Miami are the home of many well-known celebrities, global business moguls, professional sports, and technological innovators.

It doesn’t matter which neighborhood in Miami is right for each family; it’s all about what suits you. Do some research on the location you want to buy or rent before starting home or apartment searching.

Sit down with a notebook or a buddy and answer the following questions: What is important to you? If a neighborhood seems like home, what makes it feel that way? For you, what does the term “family-friendly” even mean?

This list contains the top things to do in Miami if you enjoy the nightlife, shopping, food, culture, and entertainment but dislike the traffic, congestion, and lack of space to stretch out.

You enjoy tranquility and luxury living that is near to all the excitement of city life in the suburbs of Miami.

Despite the fact that not all families are in search of the same features in a neighborhood, the popular Miami neighborhoods often have the following characteristics in common: quality public schools, safe streets, and walkability. Here is our listing of the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Miami.

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Key Biscayne

Our ranking of the finest Miami suburbs to live in starts with Key Biscayne, a picturesque island community. There are elegant seaside condominiums as well as huge villa-style residences for sale in Key Biscayne.

There are several unique shopping experiences to be found in the area, from local specialty stores and boutiques to a wide range of excellent eating alternatives, all of which are guaranteed to delight local foodies.


Doral was ranked third on a list of the top Miami suburbs for house buyers because it has a number of excellent home-buying alternatives. Whether you are seeking more room to spread out in a large townhouse, or a trendy condo living with onsite facilities, you will discover a variety of options in Doral.

Key Biscayne

Comfortable and quiet, Key Biscayne is family-friendly and offers a number of nice outdoor areas for people who can afford to live here. Another big plus of living in Key Biscayne is that it is one of the safest areas in Miami.


In many families, the desire for peace of mind goes hand in hand with the idea that their children will not be injured and that they will not have to be concerned about a greater crime rate in the community.

There are no communities that are ideal, but some are better for families. Before you make a commitment to move into a certain neighborhood, you should check with your realtor to learn more about crime statistics for that community.

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