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Nowadays, an ever increasing number of managers/employers are permitting their representatives/employees to work remotely. In addition, an ever-increasing number of individuals are starting a new business for themselves and getting to be entrepreneurs.

In this time of working remotely, numerous individuals have a decision between utilizing a home office or a collaborating space. For some, working from home is a dream, however, let’s be realistic working from home has a considerable measure of upsides and downsides.

Dissimilar to working in an office environment. The majority of the diversions at home can make it hard for a person to work efficiently.


Ground Up


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What is a co-working space?

A collaborating space as indicated by the Harvard Business Review is a membership-based workspace where different gatherings of consultants, new companies, remote workers and other professionals in a mutual, common setting.

Pros of co-working space:

More Motivated as an employee/freelancer

Whenever we work in the same space over and over again, some people get to be bored at times and starting to be less motivated on his work. Especially for working from home that every single day you will see your home, and all the while the distraction is all in there.

Meeting new people

Because you are in a co-working space, you get to meet different professionals with different work background who are tremendously passionate about their own business. Their positivity is contagious.


We can establish great links/networking of different individual who could bring and add value to our business or work.

Professional space

A coworking office is a professional space and having a client meeting in a professional office with a conference room is way better than having coffee in a cafe or restaurant.

Fair / Affordable pricing

Many coworking spaces offer a good monthly/annual fee, with high-speed internet, free access to the conference room, with overflowing of free coffee and tea for all members.

Close proximity

In choosing your coworking space, location and accessibility are in your top priority. You still want an office space that is near to your home. Perhaps minutes of walk or drive is very important.



Last November 9th, Ground Up Co-Working Space in Sucat Paranaque opened a beautiful designed with a photo-working working space. Imagine working and your view is a beautiful garden at Werco Arcade, just right beside Max’s Restaurant aa and just a few meters walk from SM BF Paranaque.



Digital Nomads from the south of Metro Manila has a new option to enjoy a beautiful co-working space. For only 4,500 PHP / 90 USD monthly, you have your own space, access to high-speed internet, free use of conference room and unlimited Barako coffee and tea.

In some other co-working space in other parts of Metro Manila monthly costs more than 5,000 monthly. Ground Up offers affordable office space and a view of a very relaxing garden. For more info, you may email them or just go to their office. They’re on WAZE, G!


Ground Up Business Solutions Inc.

Werco Arcade, Dra. A Santos, Paranaque City



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