Las Pinas is Not a Boring Place That You Thought so

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Is Las Pinas a boring place to visit?

Las Pinas is not just about getting stuck in the traffic every day of your life, lol. We shall not blame it to the shopping malls scattered around the main roads of Las Pinas. It’s proof that Las Pinas is a 1st class city with lots of opportunities for business owners and a developed urban city.


It was set up as a little fishing port and turned into a noteworthy ocean salt-delivering region, using salt dissipation lakes, going back to the Spanish Era, the city has developed into a vital private, business and modern suburb of Metro Manila.

Las Piñas was one of the early fishing settlements on the shores of Manila Bay. Las Pinas comes from a Spanish name/term Las Penas meaning rock/adobe. The land in Las Pinas is mostly adobe – a hard form of rock.

Proclaimed as a province of Manila either in 1762 or 1797. Las Piñas was previously called “Las Pilas” because of its partition from Parañaque because of its tribal conflicts. Then again, Manuel Buzeta recorded the date at 1797. Felix Timbang was the first gobernadorcillo in 1762 while Mariano Ortiz was the primary city leader of the town of Las Piñas.

Province to City

Our family is originally from Angono Rizal, transferred to Manila, then Mandaluyong and lived for 5 or 6 years and finally settled in Las Pinas since 1990. During that time it was a municipality of Manila and prior to that, it was one of the provinces of Rizal.

In 1997, former Philippine President Fidel Ramos signed a presidential decree to announce that Las Pinas is now a city.


It is located northwest of Manila Bay and a short distance driving between Paranaque, Muntinlupa, and Bacoor Cavite.

Las Pinas is housing numerous private and gated subdivisions and villages and half of its land area is allocated for commercial and other businesses.

Must-see places

Sarao Motors


sarao motors




Sarao Motors, Inc. is a Filipino Jeep producing company headquartered in Brgy. Pulang Lupa in the city of Las Piñas in Metro Manila, Philippines. The most popular ways of transportation around the Philippines. If Thailand and Cambodia have Tuk-tuk, here in the Philippines we are proud of our Jeepney.


lee inside jeepney


During the American occupancy here, their military was using the jeep and when the Philippines gained its independence, American military left their jeeps and Filipino reconstructed and made it as the primary mode of transportation in the Philippines.




They made it longer where more people can seat from the original 5 to 6 seater jeep. Non-Airconditioned public transportation that can accommodate 14 to 16 people. However, modern times come and the Philippine government is pushing to have an airconditioned jeepney which we have few of it in Metro Manila.

Bamboo Organ Church

One of our pride and only church in Asia that has an original Bamboo Organ and still working. A 19th-century old church located in St. Joseph Parish Brgy Manuyo, Las Pinas. Built by Fr. Cera a musician/architect/priest/scientist. This church has gone a lot of natural disasters, from floods, earthquakes, and typhoon and had gone numerous re-construction just to preserve the beauty and history of this church and the bamboo organ itself.

Inside the parish houses, the Bamboo Organ Museum with a free tour guide and you will be given 2 Bamboo Organ Church postcards.

Museum Entrance Fee: 100 pesos/ 2 USD

Nature Church

One of the popular and visited churches in Las Pinas is Nature Church, located in Moonwalk Village, 10 minutes drive from SM Southmall.

An open church with seats made from cut mango trees. The church houses dozens of old mango trees and other plants around it. Also houses a small cemetery for priests and nuns inside the compound.


Where to Eat

Erawan Thai Street Food


Erawan Thai Street Food

Pad Thai is only 140 Pesos

Tom Yam for 180 Pesos

Mixed Rice for 100 Pesos

Veggie Spring Rolls for 90 Pesos


erawan thai street food


Coffee Shop in Villar Sipag Columbarium

Located in the second floor of Golden Heaven Columbarium in C5 Road Las Pinas City.

My Blogger friend Nicole and I were looking for a coffee shop where we can have an afternoon snack after going to Sarao Motors. We decided to check out this coffee shop in Villar Sipag and surprisingly, the small cafe did not disappoint us.

They are serving good coffee and very affordable snacks like pasta and bread.


coffee shop


Pasta in White sauce (Carbonara) is only 100 Pesos / 2 USD.

Ensaymada for 20 Pesos

Frappes for 140 Pesos


coffee shop


The White Cup

Located inside BF Resort, near Vatican street Las Pinas City. This family-owned coffee shop has been serving southies affordable and good coffee for more than 7 years.



South Bloggers PH


So visiting Las Pinas is really worth your time. Yes, traffic is everywhere but I guarantee you my hometown has a lot of history and can make your visit meaningful and fun.

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