Macau Travel Guide

2017-2018 Macau Travel Guide for a solo female traveler

When we hear about Macau, the first thing that pops our mind is CASINO and GAMBLING. Yes, you’re right however there so many places to see and learn the countries history and so many food stalls to taste the best food in Macau, China. The country is used to be one of the undeveloped provinces of China and during the Portuguese occupation in 1500s, the place had numerous architectures and buildings with European inspiration.



In 1557 it was rented to Portugal as an exchanging or trading post. While it was to stay under Chinese sovereignty, the Portuguese came to consider and control it as an acceptable settlement. After 300+ years of Portuguese occupation, in 1999 it was given over to China.


In 1999 up to this year 2018, Macau is considered the Las Vegas of Asia. One of the biggest and grandest Casino Hotel in Macau. Hotel Casino architectures are amazing and just lavish.

Just an FYI, the majority of Filipino workers / OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) are in Casino / Hotel / Restaurant.

I stayed in Macau for 3 days, though it was a limited time I’m able to maximize it. Here are the things that you can do in Macau without breaking the bank. Good thing that I came here during Winter and walking is not easy though because most of the streets in Macau are uphill but since it’s Winter, it is much easier to walk while the weather is cold.

Here are my travel tips for you to consider and if you are on a tight budget, might as well maximize Macau’s free to see sights.

Things to do for FREE in Macau:

Visit The Ruins

Macao Ruins

Macao Ruins

Visit Churches

macau church
Si Kuya Chinese guy jina-judge ako, lol. 🙂

macau church

macau church

Visit the Casinos


hotel venecia in macau china
Visit the park



Visit Museums



Street Photography




I remember one time, while I was walking in a small alley, a Filipino guy shouted “KABAYAN!” I smiled and  said “Kuya, kuhaan mo ako picture”


Where to Stay in Macau, China

Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel

Nightly rate with Free breakfast 3,500 to 4,500 PHP /  70 – 90 USD

Spending my first night here at Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel, located at the strip of Macau R. Da Calderia, a casual 3-star hotel with a bar and restaurant located at the hotel lobby. This street is where affordable restaurants are located. 10-minute walk to Ruins and a 5-minute walk to the plaza and Largo do Senado.





Hotel Fu Hua 

Nightly rate for a standard room with breakfast is 4,500 to 5,000 PHP / 90 – 100 USD.

This 3-star hotel is located at Macau R. Francisco Xavier Pereira.

On my second night, I transferred to a different hotel so I can see the other side of Macau, a bit far from the red district, parks and tourist spots but Hotel Fu Hua however, it is close to their shopping district where you can buy affordable shoes, bags, apparels, and perfumes. Close to cheap restaurants and street food as well.




Famous Food in Macau

Egg tart which is a Portuguese influence to Macau people. Sold per piece at 30-40 PHP each.


egg tart



Noodles and dumplings for 100 to 150 PHP / 2 – 3 USD.


macau dumplings

macau street food

macau street food



Cafe de Coral


breakfast sandwich cafe de coral

A famous cafe/restaurant in Hong Kong-mainland and they serve affordable breakfast and lunch meals. Price range from 150 to 250 PHP / 3 to 5 USD only.



Ruins street food


macau food

macau food



Local coffee shop


macao cafe

macau cafe


Coffee shops in Macau are everywhere and they serve good quality coffee for 150 – 200 PHP only.



Seng Heng Chinese Cuisine


Seng Heng Chinese Cuisine

Seng Heng Chinese

Try their Macau rice and pork, for less than 250 pesos / 3 USD



Getting to Macau from Hong Kong

I took a bus from the nearest Mongkol bus station and I hop on a bus going to the ferry. Travel time is about an hour and the fare is about 30 pesos.

I bought a ticket at the ferry ticketing counter for HK$211 / 1,400 PHP. From HK ferry to Macau is about an hour journey. Inside the high-speed ferry has wifi and comfortable seats.

I suggest booking a ticket via klook because you can get it for only 1,000 PHP. Book here

From Manila to Macau

You may book your flight via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific or Air Asia.

Ticket price ranges from 3,000 to 8,000 PHP roundtrip. If you get lucky to book your flight on a seat sale period then 3,000 pesos for a round-trip is possible to get.

I’m planning to go back to Macau next year and I will visit all the casino hotels and other parks and museums around the country.

Who’s with me? Let’s go!