Affordable Chinese Food: Noychi Dimsum Express

I together with Kath of Taraletsanywhere and my kid went to BF Resort Las Pinas to try this new Filipino/Chinese Restaurant who’s offering super affordable meals. To be honest, I was a little skeptical coming here because I have never seen nor heard about this restaurant. I know Las Pinas restaurant that they come and go and very few here are still in the business. If a business lasts for 2 years here, then it only means you are offering good food and/or coffee.

Last Tuesday I gave in and went to review NOYCHI DIMSUM EXPRESS. Let me show you my faves and I guarantee you, you will ditch your comfort take-away dim sum in your favorite restaurant and stall in the mall once you taste their food choices here.





Noychi Dimsum Express

Do not expect a spacious seating area since this hole-in-the-wall Chinese Restaurant can only accommodate 10 to 12 pax dine-in customers. What I love about this small establishment is they focus on offering affordable, and really good Chinese/Filipino favorites food. Plus you will enjoy your dining experience here because they have air-conditioned and enough parking just right outside their restaurant.



noychi seating area


Food Choices:

They offer rice toppings, noodles, a la carte dumplings, and some noodle combo meals. Their cheapest food is at 65 Pesos / 1.3 USD and their most expensive and still cheap food choice is only 150 Pesos / 3 USD.




Fresh Noodles

Yes, you read it right, this small resto is offering freshly made noodles for their 2 choices of noodle soup. Their Beef Noodle Soup is only 150 Pesos / 3 USd and their Wonton Noodle Soup is only 130 Pesos / 2.6 USD.


noychi on the spot noodle making 1


noychi on the spot noodle making 1


Noodle A La Carte


beef noodle soup


The first I do when I’m new in a restaurant is I always smell first the broth. Their version of Beef Noodle Soup reminds me when we had this in one of the streets in Mongkok, Hong Kong. No kidding! The taste of the broth, the smell, and the noodles really tastes like legit Chinese Noodle soup.


wonton noodle soup


What I love about this Wonton Noodle Soup is the generous amount of their Pork Dumplings. CHowking Noodle Soup move over, I now have a new fave!


Dumplings and other A La Carte


noychi spread food


boiled kuchay


Steamed Pork Dumplings for 90 Pesos and Fried Pork Kuchay for 80 Pesos


pork kuchay


pork siomai


Their Pork Siomai is only 65 Pesos / 1.3 USD and served with Chinese soy sauce ( salty and a bit sour).




Our fave of all their a la carte is their version of Pork Lumpia. Imagine for only 90 Pesos / 1.8 USD you get to have 8 pieces of perfectly wrapped and OH SOOO GOOD lumpia. This is one of the Filipino favorites and always present for every birthday and fiesta/festival in any Filipino household.


braised beef with rice

My kids fave is their Braised Beef Rice for only 85 Pesos / 1.7 USD


chicken feet


Because I do not eat Chicken Feet, I let my Blogger friends taste it and according to Kath of, it’s good and soft to bite.


Affordable Chinese Food: Noychi Dimsum Express

Address: Charina Zaragosa, BF Resort, Las Pinas

Tel Nos: 0977-8415484

Open Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 10pm