Palawan’s Best: Underground River

A trip to Palawan will never be complete if you will not visit the famous UNESCO site and one of the New 7 Wonders of NatureĀ – The Underground River. It is an eight (8) kilometer long river but only half of it can be navigated by boat.

boats outside

1 boat can accommodate 10 persons and 1 boatman going inside the underground river.

going in

Bats and Limestones – Stalagmites and Stalactites are seen here. It’s truly surreal seeing the beauty of nature inside the cave. You will appreciate how the Philippines is such blessed with majestic nature.

rock formation 1

All guests are given with earpiece and a recorded narration is heard all thru out the almost 1-hour tour.

rock formation

However, I was not able to appreciate the narration on my earpiece because our boatman is at my back and I was paying attention to him and really amazed on how good he is touring us and giving us additional trivia inside the cave.

underground 1

And the best part of our tour is our boatman whistles the whole chorus of “My heart will go on” of Celine Dion as we are passing the rock formation that is like a Titanic in form. After he whistles, my blogger friends who were able to hear him whistles were clapping and cheering him. It was indeed a fun tour. Thanks, Kuya!


outside underground river

no smoking

It’s truly amazing to be able to finally see the Underground River of Palawan and my experience here will forever be treasured.