Top 5 Things To Do in Gold Coast Australia

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Australia is one of the best places to travel with family and especially with young children. There are so many things you can do in Australia and especially in the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Australia is a FUN CITY

If you hear about Gold Coast first thing that pops your mind is SURFING. You are right, the city is known for its waves and many locals and tourist flocks the bay when surfing season. The long coast will be filled up of surfers, a group of yuppies and tourist enjoying the waves and the beach.

We visited Australia in May of 2017 and Queensland was in Autumn season so there were no surfers because the water in the sea is very cold. But that didn’t stop us in exploring the beautiful city in the Eastern part of Australia.

After visiting Sydney for 3 days, we head straight to Gold Coast and stayed here for 4 days straight and came back for 3 days from Middlemount Queensland after 2 weeks of vacation there. In total, we had 7 days to go around the Gold Coast, so what can you do during these days and where to stay?

Where to stay

Ipanema Holiday Apartment

I love staying in hotels and funky hostels but when I’m traveling with my kid I make sure that we will stay in a nice and spacious accommodation where my kid can play around and enjoy her stay. I also need to make sure that we will stay close to tourist spots and public transportation.









After days of researching, I finally found a perfect place where we can stay our first 4 days on the Gold Coast. I found a gem in AGODA and the rate of our condo-hotel is just 2,500 Pesos / 50 USD per night. It’s a STEAL! It’s close to the coast, a bit close to the Tram Station, few meters away from the Duty-Free Store and all restaurants are just walking distance.

The room is spacious, it has a twin bed where you can convert it to a queen bed, it has a very spacious bathroom, like super spacious! We can also cook inside our room, and the BEST part, we have our own veranda with city view. I love staying in the veranda during the morning where I get to sip my coffee and during the night where I just enjoy staring the lights of the car and the train passing by.


city lights


Top 5 Things To Do in Gold Coast

Enjoy the coast




See the Q1 Skypoint

Entrance Fee: 30 AUD / 1,200 Pesos for adult and 19 AUD / 1,000 Pesos per child

For more info visit


Hindi halatang takot ako sa height, pero WTF nanginginig tuhod ko nian. Lol.


Enjoy the whole day in Movie World Australia

We bought tickets in at 149 AUD / 6,000 Pesos per pax and this is good for 12 months. Chichi’s dad is able to buy his ticket with a discount because he’s living in Australia.



Have fun in Dreamworld Theme Park

Ticket price for an adult is 129 AUD / 5,160 Pesos for an annual pass and child for 109 AUD / 4,360 Pesos

For tickets visit


lee and chi



See the animals at Ocean Adventure


Kids at heart can also enjoy their rides here in the theme park.

My personal fave is their animal show. Every hour they have different shows that showcase different marine animals in the park. The park educated and entertains the guests as well.


Every trip will never be complete without shopping. Mind you that shopping malls in Australia are open from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Here in Gold Coast during Thursday the outlet stores are open until 7 in the evening. I did not miss the chance to shop for new a new bag and shoes.



We didn’t get to visit Wet n Wild though it included in our all in package theme park ticket because the weather is cold and we can’t go on swimming during this climate. Hopefully, we can go back here soon during the summer.


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