Travel Bloggers: Buying or Renting a House

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You dream about going from life as an apartment to a home, but you don’t know if you are ready – either financially or not. How many sqm would you like and how would you keep it?? How much room do you need to live in? What are the household problems vs home rentals?? What would be the financial aspects, particularly in the area of home and property protection?

These are the questions every future house owner or renter are having in their minds. Being a Traveler, who’s always on the go-to travel the world should reconsider buying their own house.

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Travel Bloggers thoughts on buying or renting a house:

Travel Bloggers are Digital Nomads who works at the comfort of their home, cafes and the likes. Who are always on foot to travel the world. These are the individuals who travel for a short and long period of time. Some of them prefer to rent and some will buy a house to call it their own and home.

Allan of thefilipinorambler.comI bought a house 9 years ago and still manage to travel once in a while when time permits. I plan on buying a second home in 1 to 2 years from now.

JL of, Filipino Nurse based in UK. Buy a house in cash sfor something you can call your own.

Jonathan of, I plan to buy a commercial space and have it rented. Passive income is needed so I can buy a bigger house I always wanted. With 4 bedroom and 3 baths.

Gian Carlo of, I’ll buy a house under mortgage. The value of the property always go up annually and it;s a good investment. After all, we will always return home.

Nicole of, I will mortgage a house wthat is near a creek or river. That’s my dream home with 2 bedroom, all powered with solar grids and deep well water for life sustaining home.

Sweet of, Buy a property in different countries if I have enough funds to purchase.

Ruel of, Buy a house that is easy to maintain like a 3 bedroom house, with enough parkign space and also considering a not so big house for real property tax.

Dale of, I plan on buying a big lot and construct a small house. I always wanted to have a buf yard and space for gardening and planting sustainable food.

Erica of, We lived for many years with my in-laws and I have never been happy until we finally bought our own house and lived separately with our parents.

Charlotte of, Buy 2 properties and have one rented for passive income.

Marco of, Buy a 2-3 bedroom as long as you can pay it’s monthly mortgage. But if you want a passive income, you can build an apartment as well.

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The achievement of the dream of homeownership enables you to create your future equity and also provides you a spot to call your own. If you believe that you are willing to make a jump from rent to purchase, you can gain interest as a potential buyer in the real estate market by understanding the costs and additional obligations of owning a home.

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