Traveling to Makassar: Places and History

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Makassar is the capital of the province Sulawesi (south), Indonesia. Also known as Ujung Pandang.

First on our itinerary of my 12-day Indonesia tour is Makassar – a full plate of a fun-filled trip is expecting us. From waterfall to an islet visit and even a taste of Indonesia history is what I am excited for. I flew from Manila to Jakarta last July 22nd and we start our journey the following day. From Jakarta, we flew to Makassar (Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport). A 2-hr plane ride gave me enough time to sleep from my 4-hour travel from Manila to Jakarta and a 2 hour night sleep when I arrived at 1 am on July 23rd.

From the airport, we head directly to Bantimurung Waterfalls which is about 30-minute drive (w/o traffic) from the airport and about 20 kilometers away.

Bantimurung Waterfall has a sanctuary of butterflies, a small cave, and crystal clear water that many locals are enjoying their swim with their families and friends.  Before getting inside the property, our tourist guide gave us some instructions and a little history of the place. Bantimurung means “come and pour out your sorrows”. Is this a sign that I should let go of all the bad vibes I have and let in the good vibes and savor the ambiance and the place? Well, I was able to enjoy my 2-hour stay here anyways.

bantimurung falls

bantimurung local guide

bantimurung river

bantimurung water park river

bantimurung waterpark


Second to visit is Kodingareng Keke Island, an island found in South Sulawesi and about 30-minute boat ride from the Losari beach port. This islet has clear water, pine trees and a small sand bar – which is great for taking selfies and perfect #ootd shoot.



Clear water + white sand + calm water Welcome to Kodingareng Keke Island #tripofwonders #wonderfulindonesia

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We also went to Pantai Losari Makassar to watch the beautiful sunset – many local families and a group of friends are all in the bay to unwind and enjoy the sunset.



The most interesting part of our Makassar trip is going to Fort Rotterdam. Located in Ujung Pandang, Bulogading Kota Makassar. On this 17th century fort I was able to learn the history of Indonesia – primarily the Sulawesi. The country was colonized by the Dutch and from their structures  you will see its inheritance of the culture. The fort was made from the mixture of burnt clay and stone. 

To know more about the history read here:

fort rotterdam 2

fort rotterdam

museum artifacts

museum at fort


Knowing the history of a country makes me more appreciate their place and culture.

Traveling to Makassar: Places and History



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