Lakbai Tv Show on TV5

Baste Duterte is the Presidential son of Rodrigo Roa Duterte and for the first time he will now try to enter the showbiz here in the Philippines and with other famous showbiz personalities and Youtube Star like Bogart the Explorer and some of baste’s good friends from Davao. Baste is timid but now he will face the camera and the showbiz life, he will do his best to be confident infront of the camera. The reality show “LAKBAI” is the newest adventure show on TV5. They will travel around the Philippines and soon in other countries also, but their main goal is our beloved country the Philippines where it has plenty of wonderful places and amazing beaches here. You can see at the reality show LAKBAI the wonderful beaches and also the great and most delicious food here in the Philippines.

Are you excited now coz I am! and can’t wait to watch this reality adventure show on TV5. I’m also a traveler and I know how hard to travel long hours by bus and hours of hiking but I love┬átraveling and this show will not just inspire me to see the beauty of my own country but for sure all the Filipino viewers will be amazed and be inspired to travel the Philippines.


The three of Baste’s closest friends are Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, a lawyer by profession and a jokester at heart, Sboi Malicay, the cool bro who keeps the mood light and Adrei Apostol, creative guy and designated Videographer.


The shows starts on MAY 21, 2017, Sunday after the PBA only on TV5. Don’t missed it guys this reality adventure show, LAKBAI will be really fun to watch plus Bogart the Explorer will be there to lighten up the show and give comedic spills for sure!

Lakbai Tv Show on TV5

5 thoughts on “Lakbai Tv Show on TV5

  1. I wish, I can watch this. Our TV Plus digital box by ABS-CBN can’t scan the TV5 channel. I already called their Customer Support service about the issue and they can’t resolve it. The TV5 digital signal can’t reach our Home. Weird because our relative in Alabang area can get their TV5 digital signal while we, here in Makati can’t. Alabang is much farther to TV5 station than our home here in Makati.

  2. I’ve honestly never heard of this show but it seems like a lot of fun! I’m a big fan of Bogart. Haha! ­čÖé

  3. His son? Wow, will be hit series then. How are his acting skills? Need to know more about it…

  4. It’s a pity this will only be on TV. Many shows are now available on Youtube or even online channels as people no longer have time to watch them on TV!

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