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meximama cebu
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I first discovered this small restaurant when I visited Cebu in 2016. I was there for work and I was searching for a different kind of cuisine in Cebu. Good thing my Cebu Blogger friend JL of recommended this Mexican restaurant located near Sitel Cebu. After a few years, I was back in Cebu and I always see to it to visit Meximama of Chef Dennis. He was a former Head Chef of one of the largest and 5-star hotel and resort in Cebu years back before he finally opened his own restaurant.

Meximama Mexican Diner

This restaurant is opened because of Chef Dennis’ love for Mexican cuisine. He wanted to introduce quality and legit flavors of Mexican food with his fellow Cebuanos. You see, Filipinos are not born to be meticulous with food especially with foreign cuisine such as this but over the years, Filipinos learned to try and appreciate more international cuisines. The restaurant is named from Chef Ming’s mom and grandmom. You could really see how passionate he is for love to cook and to serve good and scrumptious food to every people who come by and visit his restaurant.

Food Choices:


This is a perfect appetizer and a pulutan, lol. But seriously, what can go wrong with a good tasting nachos topped with lots of meats, veggies (salsa) and a generous amount of cheese?


meximama nachos


Soft Tacos

Their Beef in their soft tacos is perfectly cooked and very tender.





This may sound so overacting and overly advertised but seriously, this is my fave of all. I have been in Cebu 4 times now and ever since I tried this Panini back in 2016, I always make it a point to drop by Meximama, order 2 of this and order a take out to bring home in Manila. I always tease Chef Ming to open a branch in Manila because I always crave for Meximama’s Panini.


meximama pianini



Their homemade version of Churros is superb especially their own dips like chocolate and caramel (my fave). Their caramel is not too sweet and their freshly made chocolate syrup dip is perfection.


meximama churos


So if you are in Cebu, make sure to visit Meximama and include this in your itinerary aside from the usual Lechon hopping that most tourists do.



2nd-floor West strip, Parkmall, Mandaue City Cebu. Contact number: 0939-9673868.

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