Artisan Coffee in Momento Coffee Bar Las Pinas

Finding a nice and legit serving coffee shop in Las Pinas is quite difficult. You see, we all have these commercialized coffee shops like the Green Mermaid and the over interior decorated shop by the Villar’s but it’s quite surprising to see and discover a barely new artisan coffee shop along the streets of Bamboo Organ, Las Pinas.

Momento Coffee Bar

Opened last May 2019 and the young owner aims to serve artisan coffee to all Las Pineros. Since there are no artisan coffee shops in the area he wanted to introduce what good coffee is to all starting to love coffee and to like me where caffeine is running in our veins, lol.


momento coffee

momento coffee


Currently, they are importing their beans from Indonesia which I have no problems because clearly Indonesian Arabica beans are really good quality, however, if you really want to share and let locals taste a good coffee, we have great suppliers from Batangas and Amadeo, Cavite and all their beans are export quality as well. I hope the owner will listen to our suggestion to try and support local suppliers.

Moving on, I was happy to get invited by my Blogger Momma friend Nicole of to have an afternoon coffee slash coffee bonding birthday celebration of her hubby Jobert that afternoon in Momento. It’s close to our house and perfectly located right in front of the Bamboo Organ Church. Their usual customers are a group of friends and families. One problem with the coffee shop is the lack of parking space though you can park your car inside the church’s parking space, and what if the church is close then the parking is closed too, right? Then, it’ll be a little issue to car owners visiting the shop.


momento coffee


Coffee and Desserts


Cappuccino for 130 Pesos / 2.6 USD.

Coffee drinker like me would appreciate the kind of beans they use. It’s rich and very aromatic.



Toasted Marshmallow Jelly for 175 Pesos / 3.5 USD

coffee jellly


Milktea for 120 Pesos / 2.4 USD



Marble Cheesecake for 80 Pesos / 1.6 USD

marble cheesecake


Oreo Cheesecake for 120 Pesos / 2.4 USD



Blueberry Cheesecake for 120 Pesos / 2.4 USD

blueberry cheesecake

(Besh, naumay ako sa puro cheese that night sa totoo lang! lol.)


Chocolate Chip Cookie (I forgot how much this cost but will update the blog once I called them next week or perhaps drop by their shop when I’m free)

choco chip cookies


So if you’re in town or perhaps planning to visit my hometown, just message me on my facebook page and I would gladly tour you around Las Pinas and let’s both drop by in Momento, G?!


Momento Coffee Bar

123 p. Diego Ciera Las Pinas

Open from 12 noon to 12 am daily