TKS – Tagalog Kitchen Specialties

I was driving around Molino Boulevard in Molino Bacoor Cavite for a plan on visiting on our new house and because I went there during lunchtime, I get starved and just plan on having to drive thru from Mc Donalds but I found this interesting from afar this Filipino restaurant in one of the commercial space just right outside of our village. There are other cafes and restaurant in the vicinity but I decided to try here at TKS – Tagalog Kitchen Specialties.

A 24-hour open restaurant where most people living nearby would have other choices than Jollibee, Chowking, and Mcdo.



TKS – A Filipino Restaurant in the south

Upon entering the restaurant you can sense the vibe of a rustic with a mix of modern Filipino restaurant.

With all the wood tables and chairs but the wines and other liquors are visible in the dining area which I like. The restaurant can accommodate 40 to 45 pax and they are serving affordable Filipino cuisine. For less than 200 Pesos / 4 USD you can dine in here and enjoy your favorite Pinoy staples like Pancit, Goto, Arroz Caldo, Chicken Inasal, Pork BBQ, Shanghai, Lumpia Togue, and a lot more.





TSK Food Choices

While browsing their food menu, I eyed on their merienda – Arroz Caldo, Pancit Bihon, and I also ordered a small Yema Cake to take away.


TKS menu


I ordered their Chicken Arroz Caldo with extra egg. Not being a picky eater but I also cook, I didn’t attend a culinary school but I know what’s a good and bad taste. This Arroz Caldo was the worst I ever had! The EGG is almost spoiled tasting which you will taste to any food that has been kept in a container for weeks. The chicken has little to no meat and the sticky rice doesn’t look rice that any GOTOHAN in our village Kanto is using. This is just so bad. To think I had only a few spoonfuls of it and I immediately asked the restaurant staff to wrap my food and asked for my bill.


Arroz Caldo


Good thing, their Pancit Bihon is good! With a generous amount of veggies and pork meat. Pancit Bihon Solo is only 95 Pesos / 2 USD.



I love their version of Yema Cake, not too sweet and the cake is soft and still dense.

Price is 120 Pesos / 2.4 USD



Do I wish to dine here again? Maybe! I still wanna give another chance of their other food menu. Maybe I shall try next time their soups and chicken inasal which is one of their best sellers.


TKS – Tagalog Kitchen Specialties

Address: Molino Boulevard, Bacoor Cavite

Near Puregold Molino and BDO