Kalbo Carwash and Korean BBQ (Naga Road, Las Pinas)

In every corner of Metro Manila, you will find Korean Restaurants offering ala cartes and unlimited bbq. Ranging from 299 / 6 USD to 699 Pesos / 18 USD per person. Many working professionals treat themselves by salivating in a buffet restaurant as well as college students and families.


Carwash and Samgyeopsal Restaurant

Here in Las Pinas, we have a decent amount of Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant offering affordable pricing and decent cuts of meat. Most of these are in an airconditioned set-up however, one particular Korean BBQ Restaurant along Naga Road is located in a carwash.

Yes, Kalbo Carwash and Korean Restaurant are in an open-air set-up and just beside is their carwash area.

An unusual yet clever business marketing strategy for all car owners who will be waiting for their cars to be washed and waxed so while waiting why not have scrumptious Korean food. Kalbo is offering ala carte and Samgyeopsal.


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The restaurant can accommodate 60 to 70 customers, I highly suggest to come here in the afternoon especially during summer. On a rainy season and colder months from October to February, I do not see any reason not coming here during lunchtime.



499 Pesos /  10 USD  for unli Pork, Beef, and marinated chicken.


Food Choices and Taste:

I love the tenderness and juiciness of their marinated chicken and their cut of pork meat is way different from all Korean Restaurant I have tried before.


Kalbo’s version is thick cut of pork meat and while grilling, the staff will ask you to how thick or thin it will be sliced to your preference. I also enjoyed their beef and their side dishes especially they are offering about 3 varieties of veggies.


It’s always best to try all side dishes and as much as you can, eat little amount to no rice when having a buffet. So get to try all the food to be served in your table.

Korean samgyeopsal

Order 2 to 3 bottles of Soju to enjoy your Korean bbq especially when having dinner with friends and your partner.

I also like the idea of dining in an open-air set-up especially if you are grilling your food, you tend to smell smoked and cooked meat when dining in an airconditioned room which I personally hate regardless if the Korean bbq restaurant has air suction above the griller.



The establishment has an ongoing promo, for every 10 carwashes you made, you will have 1 FREE Unli Korean Bbq.


How to get to Kalbo Carwash and Korean BBQ:

The restaurant is searchable in Google Maps and/or Waze.

How to commute:

If coming from Baclaran or Zapote Cavite:

Just take your usual route to Las Pinas (jeepney or bus) and get off to Zapote 711 or 711 Pulanglupa Shell. Take a tricycle going to CAA (fare is 8 Pesos per pax), Just tell the driver to drop you off to Petron Naga Road and you will immediately see the huge signage of Kalbo Carwash.

If coming from Alabang:

Take the jeepney or bus and drop off to Casimiro Jollibee. Take a tricycle going to Naga Road (fare is 8 Pesos per pax), from Naga Road take another tricycle going to Pulanglupa and tell the driver to drop you off to Petron Naga Road. (fare is 8 Pesos per pax)


Kalbo carwash and korean bbq

Kalbo Carwash and Korean BBQ

Naga Road, Las Pinas